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Purisima redwoods   ON OUR WAY AGAIN:
After almost three years, we determined to do it again, in reverse direction, and to try to do it in one year.
We missed being on the trail... the camaraderie, the joy of looking where we’ve been and where we’re going next. And besides, there were places that we wanted to visit in a different season, and to see if spring wildflowers in the South Bay rival the those in the North Bay... so we’re off again!


at the steps of Buena Vista Park, San Francisco — the first of MANY stairs on this hike!

Miles covered so far: Many -- have to calculate!
Total miles: 300 BAR trail miles; 540 bird miles


Beginning in October, 2004, we hiked the Bay Area Ridge Trail in sections, starting from the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County, heading clockwise around the Bay, and ending at the same point on Mother’s Day 2006.
It was an incredible experience. We talked, we walked, we rode bikes and we discovered parts of the Bay Area that we’d only seen from afar. We saw wild animals, raptors and birds, lizards and snakes, insects and other humans! We experienced freezing cold, bracing wind and baking heat. It was an experience that we shared with each other, and other hikers along the way. Click for photos from the following sections (most recent at top):

#43 Arguello Gate/Presidio/Golden Gate to start!! (13-May-2006):
#42 San Francisco High Points (24-April-2006):
#41 Mussel Rock to Ft. Funston (27-Mar-2006):
#40 Sweeney Ridge (23-Mar-2006):
#39 Fifield/Cahill Ridge (19-Mar-2006):
#38 Purisima Redwoods (13-Mar-2006):
#37 Huddart/Wonderlich (5-Feb-2006):
#36 Skyline (25-Jan-2006):
#35 Saratoga Gap (15-Jan-2006):
#34 Castle Rock (12-Jan-2006):
#33 Sierra Azul (12-Dec-2005):
#32 New Almaden (28-Nov-2005):
#31 Coyote Creek Bike/Hike (15-Nov-2005):
#30 Mt. Madonna (30-Oct-2005):
#29 J.D. Grant (24-Oct-2005):
#28 Alum Rock Park (16-Oct-2005):
#27 Mission Peak (9-Oct-2005):
#26 Garin (21-Jun & 2-Oct-2005):
#25 Five Canyons (12-Jun-2005):
#24 Cull Canyon (5-Jun-2005):
#23 Chabot (1-Jun-2005):
#22 Redwood to Chabot Regional Park (23-May-2005): We are heading south and able to see the mountains of the South Bay!
#21 Tilden Regional Park to Redwood RP (20-May-2005): Incredible views of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge and the WHOLE Bay Area! WOW!
#20 Kennedy Grove to Tilden Regional Park (13-May-2005): A steep climb to fantastic views; we feel like we’re REALLY on the a ridge!
#19 Sobrante Ridge Regional Preserve (13-May-2005): Checkerspot butterflies and an invisible peacock
#18 Carquinez Strait Regional Shoreline (4-May-2005): Impending rain puts a damper on enthusiasm
#17 Blue Rock Springs/Benicia/Vallejo (25-Apr-2005): Hop-scotching the Trail …
#16 Hiddenbrooke (18-Apr-2005): Spectacular views
#15 Rockville Community Park (18-Apr-2005): Locked out again – shortest hike ever
#14 Skyline Wilderness Park (11-Apr-2005): We pass 100 miles!
#13 Sugarloaf Ridge State Park (4-Apr-2005): Butterflies & bikes
#12 Hood Mountain (25-Mar-2005): Trees & ticks: northernmost point of the Trail!
#11 Annadel State Park (14-Mar-2005): Varied terrain
#10 In progress: Jack London State Park (3-Mar-2005): Locked out, lost & car trouble…
#9 In progress: Mt. Burdell to Olompali (14-Feb-2005): Hiking in the rain
#8 In progress: Verissimo Hills to O’Hair Park (18-Feb-2005): Hiking in the mud
#7 In progress: Indian Trees loop (7-Feb-2005)
#6 Big Rock to Lucas Valley Estates (31-Jan-2005): One of the best hikes (trail & views)
#5 Loma Alta: White Hill to Big Rock (18-Jan-2005): Hiking in the mist
#4 Bolinas Ridge: Bolinas-Fairfax Road to Olema (15-Nov-2004)
#3 Pantoll to Bolinas-Fairfax Road (8-Nov-2004)
#2 Tennessee Valley to Pantoll/Mt. Tamalpais (16-Oct-2004)
#1 Golden Gate Bridge to Tennessee Valley (6-Oct-2004)
START (Marin County)

NEW! We’re doing it again!
This time in ONE YEAR (2009). Watch our progress, or see when our next hike is and email us if you’d like to join us!

#1 Presidio: Solstice Walk (21-Dec-2008): We begain our long trip on an official Ridge Trail Council-sponsored hike. Docents from the Presidio Trust shared their experience and insights, highlighted by the Goldsworthy Spire.
#2 Arguello Gate to Stern Grove (14-Jan-2009): Lovely day for a city walk.
#3 Stern Grove to Mussel Rock (23-Jan hikers & 28-Jan bikers): Two hikers braved hours of drizzle and rain to complete this section; two bikers did it later in better weather!
#4 Milagra/Sweeney Ridge (29-Jan-2009): It was a gloriously windy and clear day for this first “real” Ridge Hike.
#5 Purisima (11-Feb-2009): Rain – again – did not deter the intrepid hikers. Sloppy mud, dripping redwoods, and tantalizing views through the mist characterized this hike.
#6 Fifield-Cahill Ridge (29-Mar-2009): Spring is here! Thanks to our persistent docent, we scored a gorgeous day for this hike. It was cool, clear and breezy, and we even added some new hikers to the group!

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