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HIKE #22: Redwood Regional Park to Chabot Regional Park (23-May-2005)

ON THIS sunny and warm day, Dena and Robin (and Shasta) were the lone BAR-trail hikers on this section. It feels good to be making southerly and very visible progress. We are really moving -- new vistas are opening up! This 8.3-mile section of trail is also part of the 31-mile long East Bay Skyline Trail. It is well marked and highly varied, with cool redwood groves, oak woodlands, chaparral, open grasslands, and eucalyptus. Although there were lots of people (dogs, hikers, strollers) on the first part of the trail, we didn’t see anyone after we got to Chabot.

< previous::Tilden to Redwood | REDWOOD to CHABOT | Chabot to ::(next)
Dena & Robin starting out Starting out View south View south Through the redwoods Walking through cool redwood groves
Rest stop Rest stop View east Las Trampas & Diablo
View south View of Mission Peak, our next beacon
Big lizard Big lizard Water stop Water stop
Fragrant flower Wild mock orange Little lizard Little lizard
< previous::Tilden to Redwood | REDWOOD to CHABOT | Chabot to ::(next)

Miles this trip: 8.3
- Start: Skyline Gate, Redwood RP
- End: Bort Meadow, Chabot RP
- Via: West Ridge Trail, aka East Bay Skyline Trail
Cumulative miles: 143.7

updated 29-Jan-2009

lizards lizards lizards

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