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Hike #4: Milagra Ridge & Sweeney Ridge (29-January-2009)

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AT last we feel like we are hiking on the RIDGE Trail! It was a crisp and clear day, and the trail provided gorgeous views in every direction. Already we can see progress of how far we have come from starting a month ago. We could see north past Mt Tamalpais, the hills of San Francisco, Sutro Tower, the building-block houses of Daly City, San Bruno Mountain, across the Bay to Mt Diablo, the San Mateo Bridge, brownish haze in the south Bay, Montara Mountain rising to the south with Pacfica nestled on its northwestern flanks. It was a fabulous walk, although the wind was pretty fierce. It reminded us that the Bay Area is famous for its microclimates!

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Stern Grove gateSan Francisco & Mt Tamalpais from Sweeney Ridge

Rabbit cell phone dude Pacifica from Sweeney Ridge

Bay Area Ridge Trail urban sign Mt Diablo across the Bay

Mussel Rock trailhead Windblown hikers

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Same hike in 2006 (coming soon)

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Trail miles this trip: 2.8
Actual miles this trip: 5.0
Cumulative BAR Trail miles:
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updated 30-Jan-2009

Shasta (dog)

Entertaining things on this walk:
• Watching the planes land at San Francisco Airport (SFO)
• Girl Scout Troop 8’s geocached letterbox near a bench at the Sneath Lane/Sweeney Ridge intersection