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HIKE #20: Kennedy Grove to Inspiration Pt., Tilden Regional Park, Berkeley (13-May-2005)

AFTER the quick jaunt around Sobrante Ridge, we set up another shuttle between Kennedy Grove and Inspiration Point. Much jocularity ensued when the group realized that we would be climbing *UP* 810 feet from below the lake level to the top of the ridge, instead of leisurely making our way downhill. However, we all know that an earned view is a better view, and it was spectacular. Seeing Mt. Diablo rise above the Orinda/Moraga hills to the east and, to the west, seeing all of San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge clearly for the first time since our October hikes was a real thrill. We have come such a long way!

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Fording San Pablo Creek Fording San Pablo Creek San Pablo Reservoir San Pablo Reservoir Eucalyptus grove - Eagle's Nest TrailEucaluptus grove Eagle's Nest Trail - Mt DiabloClimbing 810 feet
View east from Nimitz Way < north::Looking east toward San Pablo Reservoir and Mt. Diablo::south >
EBMUD cattle EBMUD Cattle Blue heron Blue heron Mt. Diablo Mt. Diablo View west View west
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Miles this trip: 4.4 UP
- Start: Kennedy Grove RRA
- End: Inspiration Point, Tilden RP (4.4mi)
- Via: San Pablo Dam Trail, Eagle’s Nest Trail & Nimitz Way
Cumulative miles: 126.1

updated 29-Jan-2009

wild turkey
EBMUD cattle
blue heron

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