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HIKE #19: Sobrante Ridge Regional Park, El Sobrante (13-May-2005)

THE START OF today’s hike felt different, as we are now traveling mostly east, rather than north, to begin our hikes. And we are actually hike SOUTH! This rather short hike would be a lovely get-away hike for local residents, but we didn’t feel it was particularly spectacular. Perhaps the gray clouds and impending rain had something to do with that! Nonetheless, it felt like an important connector, as we are nearing Mt. Diablo and the long ridges of the East Bay.

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Start at Conestoga Way Sobrante Ridge start Vollmer Peak Looking south to Tilden View stop View stop Calcedon checkerspot Calcedon checkerspot
View east toward Mt. Diablo< north::East toward Mt. Diablo::south >
Pipeline Swallowtail Pipeline swallowtail North to Carquinez Strait Looking north to Martinez Sobrante Ridge Hills turning golden Buckeye blossomsBloomin’ buckeye
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Miles this trip: 3.4
- Start: Conestoga Way
- End: Pinole Valley Park (3.4mi)
- Via: Sobrante Ridge Trail & Pinole Valley Connector Trail
Cumulative miles: 121.7

updated 29-Jan-2009

gopher snake

- Barbara’s pictures from this hike