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Hike #15: Rockville Hills Community Park, Solano (18-April-2005)

YET AGAIN, our grand plan was stymied by a locked gate. Originally, we’d intended for one group of hikers to be dropped off and hike northwards from the southern access (where there was “no parking”), and the second set of hikers would hike south, to be picked up by the north-bound hikers, who would have reached the car at the North Entrance. Alas, not only was there no parking at the south end, but there was no access, either, being guarded by a gate, gatehouse and flustered security guard, who was having his “worst first day ever.” After talking with local workmen, we attempted to find an access point through another housing development, but the Park easement appeared to be enclosed with very sturdy-looking fences.

We gave up and went back to the Main Entrance of the park to begin the hike. Although the views were pretty, we were somewhat dismayed that the park has been riddled with a maze of ill-conceived biker trails. It was quite a different experience from our other recent hikes.

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Starting out It’s a sign! Oaks and hills Oaks and hills Photographing Linanthus Photographing Linanthus View of Mt Diablo View of Mt Diablo
Lupine and Diablo Lupine, oaks, Mt. Diablo Oak glade Oak glade

Upper Lake Upper Lake

Crossroads (9.1Mb)
From the top (7.1Mb)
Upper Lake area (8.2Mb)

Cow movie (24Mb)
Put a good spin on it (7.1Mb)

Royal Larkspur Royal Larkspur   Cows Standoff

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Barbie’s pictures (Rockville & Hiddenbrooke)

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