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Hike #14: Skyline Wilderness Park, Napa (11-April-2005)

THIS trip was a hike/bike for our group. Two hikers hiked the Skyline (BAR) Trail, and returned via the Rim Rock Trail, climbing to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain for the views and flowers. Four intrepid bikers slipped, slithered, pushed, occasionally flew through the air, but otherwise rode the Skyline, Bay Tree and Marie Lake Road trails. The wildflowers were the most incredible yet, and clouds of butterflies (Painted Ladies) flitted on the cool breezes, giving an ethereal, almost fantasy, aura to the trip.
NOTE: This page is very much “in progress, awaiting better pictures from Kit and Robin, so the larger versions of these photos aren’t in yet...

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Hikers starting out Hikers starting out Oaks and Goldfields Oaks and goldfields Painted Lady Painted Lady Bikers starting out Bikers starting out
Up to the overlook Up to the Overlook Wildflowers Looking east from Skyline Trail Lupines and poppies Lupines and poppies

California Poppy California poppies
MORE flowers from this hike

Wood violet Yellow Wood Violet

Kit on a bench Kit on a bench View east from Sugarloaf View east from Sugarloaf Fields of Lupine Field of Lupine Washing up Biker Robin washing up
Panorama from Sugarloaf Mtn < South (Mt Tam in distance) ... Panorama from Sugarloaf Mountain ... North >
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Miles HIKED this trip: 8.8
Miles BIKED this trip: 9.2
Cumulative miles: 103.2
updated 29-Jan-2009

gray squirrel

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